Our personalized coaching services help you achieve specific goals in a consultative, encouraging, and accountability-based environment. 

We offer special 60-minute Breakthrough Clarity Sessions when you need a BLAST of BREAKTHROUGH in clarifying your personal passion/purpose/vision in life, or moving to the next level in your business or nonprofit development process. (THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR COACHING PROGRAM!)

We also offer monthly coaching programs where we coach you one-on-one every week or twice a month for a certain number of months. This is well-suited for someone just starting a business, nonprofit or entrepreneurial venture that you need to get up and growing quickly; along with those who want to get their current business, nonprofit or entrepreneurial venture to the next level of success.

Individual 'Vision' Coaching
• Identify your unique personality, gifts & talents 
• Identify your unique passions, dreams & vision for your life
• Identify creative ways you can use your gifts & talents to create wealth
• Create your Life Slice Pie™ 
• Create your personal and professional vision & mission statements
• Develop key strategies, goals, objectives and action plan to make it
• Develop an effective time-management system that enables you
    to focus on accomplishing your individualized coaching goals while
    managing your other important life responsibilities  
• Build confidence in your ability to awaken your gifts and start living your 
    dreams (vision)

Business and Nonprofit Leadership Coaching
•  Identify where you are and what you want to accomplish
•  Receive expert instruction in key business and nonprofit strategies and  
     techniques to build and grow effectively and successfully
•  Identify the obstacles and challenges in achieving what you want and
     find solutions to overcome them
•  Create your Professional Life Slice Pie™
•  Develop key business and/or nonprofit goals and objectives and create a 
     strategic plan to move your venture forward to the next step 
•  Develop an effective time-management system that enables you
     to focus on accomplishing your individualized goals while
     managing your other important life responsibilities  
•  Build confidence in your ability to accomplish what you set out to do

Whether you are a business leader, a nonprofit leader or an individual interested in using your gifts and talents to generate more revenue; many of our clients find coaching even more effective once they have participated in a corresponding VCG training workshop (In-person, Webinar and/or eLearning courses). 

The combination of learning about a business or nonprofit development area first in an engaging, interactive learning environmentthen receiving post-training, one-on-one consultative coachinggreatly increases your ability to develop and actually implement what you learned in the training. Without post-training coaching, many find themselves lost in the daily grind of life and work, and find it difficult to implement what they learned. 

VCG Consultative Vision Coaching provides one-on-one accountability, expert instruction, brainstorming and encouragement in achieving your goals. 

Clarity Coaching

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Client Testimonials!
"Carla is a gifted visionary. Because she has many years’ experience as both a business and nonprofit trainer & coach, she knows a variety of proven training & coaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calm personality makes you feel completely comfortable, and her vast knowledge makes her a valuable asset. She is always encouraging and positive, which is especially appreciated. She is one of the best trainers & coaches I have seen in her field and I have seen many. If you want to improve your business skills quickly, hire Carla." 
Katy Gillis—Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer

"There's a wealth of information out there to get your hands on as a woman entrepreneur. All of this information can be pretty overwhelming when you're just trying to figure out 'Where in the world do I begin?'

Carla Wellington proves herself to not only be a resource of resources, but she possesses an expertise that I view unmatched by any coach I've entrusted my business growth and development to. She is honest and humble. She listens to your ideas and gives detailed steps and information that helps to improve your thought processes and you as a person.

When you're looking for a visionary coach for your business visions, look to Carla to help lead you to success!"
Keisha Gwinn—Specialist in Soft Tissue Healing, Wellness Consultant, Owner at Opulent Wellness

"The passion Carla has for helping others hone and pursue their vision exudes from her. It was that passion that initially drew me to her, and sparked an immediate connection with her upon our first meeting. I knew I wanted to work with her.

Since then, Carla has not only helped me define and clarify my vision, but has strategically mapped out clear goals and objectives in support of the vision. She's provided invaluable tools and resources to aid in my journey, and I'm well on my way!

Carla is professional, personable, knowledgeable and creative in her approach. So it is with great confidence that I submit this endorsement."
Sonya Tolson—VP Global Training & Quality

"Carla Wellington is one of the most visionary people I have had the privilege to work with. Carla helped me with a business area that needed clarity for me to go forward into what I was created to do. Carla is a highly creative (inventive, out-of-the-box ideas) and a skilled vision concept and detailed implementation person. Her high integrity of being trustworthy, consistent and reliable brings great value to anyone looking for a break through to the next level in your professional life. Carla is a person you would want to have as a Vision Coach to help 'take you there'. Thank you Carla!"
Debra Walker Courtney—Business Coach