Writing & Editing
Have you experienced any of the following situations?
  • A potential major donor has asked you for your organization's strategic plan or ministry plan in order to consider donating a large amount to your organization, but you don't have one developed nor do you have the time or expertise to develop it. Or, maybe you've started developing a strategic plan or ministry plan but you are stuck and finding it difficult to finish. 
  • You have a great business idea, but have no idea where to start in writing a comprehensive business plan that will secure the necessary capital to launch your business. 
  • You have some internal and external documents already developed, but need a good editor and/or proofreader to make sure it says what it needs to say—professionally—without typographical or grammatical errors. 

VCG can help you develop (in concert with your key organizational leadership) and/or edit any one of the following documents to ensure your organization is able to effectively communicate—in writing—what is needed by both internal (board, staff, volunteers) and external (donors, banks, investors, customers, general public, media) stakeholders: 

  • Vision/Mission/Values
  • Business Plan
  • Business Proposal
  • Fundraising Plan
  • Fundraising Letter
  • Grant Proposal**
  • Marketing/Communications Plan
  • Ministry Plan
  • Program Design
  • Program Evaluation Plan & Assessment Tools (surveys)
  • Program Goals & Objectives
  • Program Logic Models
  • Strategic Plan

**Grant Proposal: Private Foundation and Government Grants
Note: Your organization must first have a strategic plan or business plan developed (or the needed detailed organizational information in soft copy, such as Word Documents), before we can assist with grant writing and development. Grant research services  (identifying potential grantmakers) can be provided as long as your organization has a clearly defined mission statement, defined program services, defined geographic area, and defined population(s) served. If you do not have these, VCG can help you develop these critical strategic and operational elements via our reasonably priced coaching, meeting facilitation or our community training workshops, Webinars and eLearning courses.

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Write the vision...
...and make it plain on tablets...
...so he may run who reads it.
~ Habakkuk 2:2 (NKJV)
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