"Carla understands the importance of nonprofit leaders developing a well-written and comprehensive strategic plan, not only for successful internal operations but from a donor's standpoint as well. She has the ability to take complex concepts and present them in a very clear and interactive manner, which enabled us to turn our vision into a tangible document. The strategic plan we developed through Carla's four-part training course at the Atlanta LEAD Institute, strengthened the foundation of our organization and enabled us to communicate clearly who we are, what we do, and why we do it. I highly recommend her training (and coaching) services to both developing and established nonprofits." 
Julie Homrich—Executive Director
Redeemed Ministries
"Carla is an excellent and very knowledgable trainer. Our organization had been operating for 6 years without a clear vision, mission or strategy. As a result of attending her training workshops (via LEAD Institute), I was able to refine and clarify the vision and mission of our organization and present them to our board for a clearer understanding of who Fresh Start for Women is and what we are wanting to accomplish. I highly recommend to anyone seeking to start a nonprofit or bring their nonprofit to the next level avail themselves of her services. You won't be disappointed!"
Janice Pettigrew—Executive Director
Fresh Start for Women
"Carla's [training] presentations and excellent handouts enabled our ministry to transform a basic ministry plan into a document that reflects the heart of the organization. [We] also benefited from working with Carla on an individual coaching basis. She quickly highlighted areas needing strengthening. Our plan was the anchor of presentations that garnered in excess of $150,000 in only sixty days. We are also positioned to compete for foundation funding."  
Becky Shoaf—Executive Director
Kindred Spirit
"Carla went above and beyond what we expected in order to make sure that she tailored our board leadership retreat according to where we were and where we wanted to go. Our fundraising event 2 months later was the first major event in which the entire board felt a responsibility to help carry the load of leadership. There is no doubt that the 1-day facilitated board retreat and Carla's post-retreat report and recommendations made the difference."
Gina Moore—Executive Director 
Crosswalk Ministries, Inc.
"Carla has a wonderful gift of making her audience comfortable as she weaves an intelligent and highly interactive presentation. Helping type-A personalities enjoy our 1-day Strategic Planning Leadership Retreat, I found the Vision & Mission development, Board Roles, Team Building and identifying team strengths and weaknesses sessions to be most effective. We left the retreat knowing that Carla had helped us build a better organization through her excellent training and facilitation. We are better off from her work with us."
Coakley Pendergrass—Vice President
Cobb Faith Partnership

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