Nonprofit Coaching Testimonials
Helping People Clarify, Communicate, and Bring Their Vision(s) To Life!
"In the process of Carla coaching me, she really listened and was able to pose just the right questions to help me clarify our organization's purpose and direction. There was a lightbulb moment when everything became clear. In six short simple sentences I was able to clarify and communicate our vision and mission, which had a direct impact on the flow of our programs and operations. Now we have the momentum to move forward with those who believe in what we are doing."
  ​  Lewis Autour, Executive Director
  Rock of Escape—Youth Development Organization

"Carla's excellent consultative coaching was an invaluable asset to our growth as a new ministry. Her ability to help us clarify and clearly communicate our vision and mission, along with the key elements of our programs, services, and leadership focus has prepared us to move ahead in the right direction."

Christopher Pulley, Executive Director
House of Love Ministries, Inc.

"Shifting from the classroom setting to one-on-one personalized coaching with Carla, I have found her to be an excellent active listener, able to hear what I am saying and quickly relate and apply it to my objectives. In just 3 short weeks I have been able to comprehend and accomplish more with her compassionate, yet firm coaching approach, than I have in months of working with others. I find Carla to be a person of wisdom and excellence with a stellar reputation. I highly recommend her services."

Linda Michelle Trainer, Founder/Executive Director
Elegant Doves International, Inc.

"Without Carla's ongoing encouragement and 'you can do it' attitude, more than likely, I would not have completed the Safehouse Learning Community program. Thank you for the inspiration, patience and motivation you gave me during our coaching sessions to help me tackle the challenges I knew I had to work through, despite being blind. As a result of Carla's coaching expertise, our agency has moved to a whole new level, and I have more knowledge and confidence to accomplish what is before me."

Virginia Gray, Founder/Executive Director
Atlanta T.O.U.C.H.
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