“I have greatly benefited from taking the [Habakkuk Institute] eCourse program for Nonprofit Vision Development and the associated coaching sessions. I worked 7 years in training for a major corporation and I can say without reservation that [this] training is excellent! It is very well-organized, logical and contains all the aids, worksheets and examples to ensure success. This course has helped me clarify the vision, mission, problem, need, programs, staffing, budget, marketing and fundraising for a relatively new international mission that was founded by a Nepalese woman from a rural village. Our mission is growing quickly and the help in developing a strategic plan was invaluable. Carla was able to take a scientist like me through topics like marketing and fundraising (that don’t come naturally for me) with her clear, step-by-step process. I highly recommend this course to all leaders of nonprofit organizations and students aspiring to start and lead a nonprofit, ministry or church.”​a
Larry Karasevich—Board Chair
Nepal Mission

“I strongly recommend [Habakkuk Institute's] online training and coaching program, 'How to Effectively Communicate your Vision to Potential Donors'. The very clear and straightforward weekly eModule trainings combined with simple—yet challenging—exercises; along with Carla’s outstanding personalized coaching, allowed us to take our ministry vision and effectively articulate it into a workable 3-year plan. Our plan is now very concise and attractive to both existing and prospective donors. I believe this program will catapult our ministry forward by years. Thanks Carla!” a
Mike McNamee
Executive Director—Your One Degree

​“Going through the Habakkuk Institute (HI) nonprofit strategic plan virtual training and coaching program has been invaluable in helping Healing Grace Ministries learn how a traditional nonprofit operates. We now know how to effectively communicate why we exist, understand how our programs serve the community and have the tools to measure our impact. Throughout the program, Carla [our HI Coach] was there to train and guide us on our journey. Her exceptional knowledge in this area, along with her desire to truly see nonprofit organizations succeed, made the entire process exciting and pleasant.
Chad Potts
Director of Development—Healing Grace Ministries

“I was just a guy with some hopes, ideas and a sense of calling to the local area needs where I live. The [Habakkuk Institute] eCourse program enabled me to take a vision I was passionate about, give it life, structure, definition and make it into a viable reality. Through Carla's weekly coaching I was able to work through the formation and structure of my nonprofit organization—what the vision, mission and programs would be—and how it would provide for people over the next 3-5 years and its legacy beyond. I would not have seen the success I am seeing now had I not participated in this online training opportunity and Carla's excellent coaching along with it. Now, after completion and implementation of my nonprofit business plan, I have seen open doors, funding and collaboration with local leaders and businesses that I would not have seen otherwise. I have yet to encounter an individual, business, collaborator, leader or decision maker, who was not immensely impressed with the Identity Craft strategic business plan and the work we are doing. I'm extremely thankful and blessed for the opportunity and would recommend Carla's eCourses and nonprofit coaching to everyone; without reservation!”a
Erik Dixon
 Founder—Identity Craft
"We were given the opportunity to walk through [Habakkuk Institute's] 3-month eCourse program to teach us how to write our nonprofit strategic plan for our ministry vision. This class included online eLearning training and weekly coaching sessions. We were nervous about the commitment and the knowledge that we would need to succeed at this task. However, after three months of working through bite-sized eModules every week, we have accomplished our goal without being overwhelmed by the task. Carla did a great job teaching in each online eLearning module and each eModule was thorough and understandable. We were never lost or confused because the course included worksheets and real-life examples that helped bring clarity to each section of our plan we developed. The coaching sessions were great for the purpose of asking specific questions about clarifying our own ministry; but we could have completed the plan with just the online eModules, worksheets and examples alone. Since the completion of the class, which included creating a PowerPoint for presenting our vision and plan to potential donors, we have been able to communicate our vision, the problem and the need clearly to those we want to share with. Carla’s passion and understanding of vision and mission were inspiring, helpful and very instrumental in our ability to move to the next phase of our ministry work."
Rick and Leah Root—Founders 
We Experience Community
 “Often I find it difficult to take the time to sit down and plan ahead—especially if it involves anything related to fundraising. [Habakkuk Institute's] eCourse curriculum not only provided excellent direction and content, the program also motivated me to actually sit down and accomplish something I’ve been needing to accomplish for a long time; write my nonprofit ministry vision! With seemingly little struggle, Carla expertly helped us learn about the nonprofit world, what is expected in a strategic plan, how to best develop and document our programs and how to market and raise funds. The courses are broken up into a well-ordered and structured program that is accessible even to the most novice nonprofit startup. The material that accompanied the video component was very useful and provided a pattern on which we based our strategic plan. To top it off, Carla provided expert personal coaching in which we discussed our unique strategies, goals and desires. Her advice and interaction was timely, deliberate and infused with excitement. What she helped us do in a matter of months would have taken us years to accomplish on our own. I highly recommend Carla and Habakkuk Institute's nonprofit vision development online eCourse program without hesitation or reservation.”
Kevin Vannorsdel
Founder/Executive Director
R12 Charities
“The [Habakkuk Institute] nonprofit vision development eCourse program was exactly what we needed to bring clarity to our vision and mission for Out of the Rough Ministries (OOTR). The individual eModules offered a path for OOTR to develop clear and specific programs where athletes and their leaders can experience healing from stories of harm or loss. The worksheets and sample plan included in the program were tremendous aides in understanding how to write each section of our 3-year strategic plan. Carla’s weekly coaching sessions provided us with the additional creative and essential details in writing our budget, executive summary and organizational flow. I would highly recommend this program to any start-up or experienced nonprofit needing to create a thorough, fundable strategic plan.”a
Tracy Hanson—Founder
Out of the Rough Ministries
& LPGA Tour Professional
 “As I started [Habakkuk Institute's] nonprofit strategic plan eCourse program I was not sure what to expect. Carla immediately put me at ease with her clear directions, written and verbal, along with clear and concise handouts including real-life samples. One of first modules to be completed was to define our vision and mission statements. The handouts and eModule were very helpful by explaining the similarities & differences of each statement and the importance of each of them. Each eModule in the program builds upon the previous eModule and reinforces the skills and tools learned to complete a thorough nonprofit business plan. I utilized the eModules by watching them all the way through and then went back as needed for clarification of specific pieces of the plan. The handouts were clear and very helpful in reviewing during each eModule. Participating in the one-on-one weekly coaching sessions was an added benefit as it allowed for some great brainstorming sessions. At the beginning of the program I was overwhelmed thinking about trying to get a Strategic Business Plan completed in 12 weeks. However, by taking each eModule one week at a time, in just a few weeks the pieces came together and GUMI’s plan came to full fruition. Additional tangible benefits of taking this course allowed me to develop a PowerPoint presentation for GUMI Camp USA which has allowed multiple opportunities to share our dream to serve US Veterans in a safe and welcoming environment. I have also been able to utilize the plan in grant writing and seeking donations for our Grand Opening Event by having a clear, complete and concise document to show potential donors. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is needing to flesh out their nonprofit or ministry vision to bring your goals, dreams and desires together into a working and manageable program.”  

Ali Workentin—Office Manager

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