​Carla Wellington (owner of Vision Communications Group/VCG) is deeply passionate about helping individuals, nonprofit leaders and small business entrepreneurs learn how to clarify, communicate and bring their vision and dreams to life through powerful and dynamic training workshops, coaching programs, speaking engagements and authored materials.

Just prior to VCG’s founding in the fall of 2002, Carla was an independent consultant to nonprofit organizations as a successful grant writer and strategic planner. In conjunction with her clients’ leadership and key staff, she led the writing and development of 
Helping People Clarify, Communicate, and Bring Their Vision(s) To Life!
      Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. 
                      ~ Joel A. Barker
The central value upon which VCG operates is simply; Collaboration. 

We believe strongly in the need for individuals and organizations to work together for the common good. 

Not only do we value and encourage collaboration within and between businesses, nonprofits and individuals;  but also between like-hearted and like-minded professionals who have a passion for helping organizations and individuals accomplish their vision; hence, the word 'Group' in our name—Vision Communications Group. 

If you are a professional trainer, coach, facilitator, writer or consultant—contact us to discuss potential partnerships. 

Our main collaborative focus is always to ensure maximum benefit, quality and effectiveness in meeting the needs of our clients. 
several strategic plans and successfully awarded grants including a $400,000 Department of Human Resources (MHDDAD) grant awarded to the Family Nurturing Center of Georgia (now Hearts For Families), and a $100,000 Cobb Compassionate Communities Workforce Development Grant awarded to Mt. Paran North Church of God. She has continued to have a stellar winning grant record over the years when she has the bandwidth to serve in this way. 

Carla's eleven years of corporate telecom background in various marketing, training and project management capacities—combined with eighteen years of leadership training, coaching and consulting—provides her clients with a unique understanding, confidence and ability to clearly see their vision and learn step-by-step how to communicate it and bring it to life! 

Carla is especially passionate about helping leaders and students with a nonprofit, ministry or church vision learn how to flesh it out into the form of a strategic plan, so they can communicate their vision to all major funding streams (especially major donors) and garner the funding needed to build, grow and sustain their God-given vision [the doing of Habakkuk 2:2]. To this end, Carla has compiled 18 years of nonprofit leadership training and coaching experience into a self-paced online eLearning program where participants actually develop their own nonprofit, ministry or church-based strategic plan (whether they are just launching or have been operating for years); from the vision statement all the way down to a detailed budget, including program goals/objectives, evaluation plan, staffing plan, marketing plan, fundraising plan and more. You can learn all about this unique, state-of-the-art program by signing up at Habakkuk Institute

Carla also has a special passion for helping women and youth learn how to awaken and use their unique combination of spiritual, soul and body giftings in pursuit of their passion, purpose, vision and dreams; Awaken Your Gifts and Awaken Your Fields. Carla's personal quote, "Nothing brings me more fulfillment than seeing someone discover and know what they were 'born to do', awaken their gifts & talents and grow in the knowledge and confidence it takes to truly live out their passion, vision and purpose with excellence!" She recently established a nonprofit project, Royal Diadem Destinies, to help struggling/oppressed women and youth know what they were born to do and start bringing their passion and purpose to life.

Carla is a co-author of the book, Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women, which contains a wealth of strategies, best practices and proven guidelines for emerging and experienced women leaders (for-profit, nonprofit, any woman with a dream); helping them become the most confident, inspiring and influential leaders they can be. She is currently working on two additional books that will equip, encourage and empower women and youth alike to awaken their gifts and SHINE! 

Personal & Professional Vision: To see individuals and organizations clarify, communicate and bring their vision to life.

Personal & Professional Mission: To equip individuals and organizations with the tools they need to awaken their vision, write it down and make it plain via impactful training, coaching, speaking and authored materials. 

Services: Leadership Training, Coaching, Speaking, Consulting/Project Management, Meeting Facilitation and Writing/Editing.

Passion: Helping people awaken, clarify, communicate and bring their vision and dreams to life (step-by-step)!

In addition to Carla's ongoing training seminars, meeting facilitation and coaching services, she is a speaker and guest trainer and presenter at various local, national and international conferences (see select sample below). She has also partnered with various US and international-based organizations and individuals who desire to see nonprofits grow in their leadership capacity and sustainability. Most notably, Carla served as a co-trainer and one of three lead coaches for Atlanta’s Safehouse Learning Community (2008-2010)—a 3-year government-funded (Compassion Capital Fund) capacity-building program for seventy-two community and faith-based nonprofits committed to serving and improving the lives of youth, families and our homeless and elderly populations. She also helped launch an Atlanta-area faith-based nonprofit training organization with her in-person vision development/strategic planning courses (2007 - 2012).  

COLORADO (USA) [2015 – Present]
• Guest Speaker/Trainer: Discover Your Calling—YWAM: Bridge Course; Colorado Springs, CO
• Seminar Speaker: Awaken Your Leadership Vision—Leadership Pikes Peak: Women's Community Leadership Initiative (WCLI); Colorado Springs, CO
• Conference Organizer, Speaker & Host: Awaken Your Fields: Spirit, Soul & Body—(www.AwakenYourFields.com); Colorado Springs, Colorado
• Seminar Leader: Awaken Your Destiny!—Open Door Ministries, Stillwater Housing for Women in Transition; Denver, Colorado 
• Workshop Presenter: Awaken Your Vision!—City On The Hill, Scotland Bible College Planting Team; Boulder, Colorado
• Habakkuk Institute Instructor/Coach: Nonprofit Strategic Ministry Plan Development—Online Training & Coaching (www.HabakkukInstitute.com); Ongoing/Global

ENGLAND (UK) [2014]
• Conference Speaker: Success Leadership Strategy—Shaddaiville Ministries International; London, England 
• Conference Speaker: Awaken Your Purpose & SHINE—Inaugural SHINE Women's Conference; London, England
• VCG Training Seminar: Awaken Your Gifts & SHINE—Women's Fellowship, RCCG, Essex, England 

INDIA [2013]
• College Instructor: Vision Development & Interviewing/Presentation Skills—JJ Institute; Maheshwaram, India
• Seminar Speaker: Sister's Keepers—Pearl City Church; Hyderabad, India
• Church Event Speaker: Let Your Light Shine—Jubilee Hills Church; Hyderabad, India

GEORGIA (USA) [2000 – 2012]
• Keynote Speaker: Awaken Your Gifts & Start Living Your Dreams!—Women's Bible Study Retreat; Ellijay, GA
• Keynote Speaker: Clarifying & Pursuing Your Dreams—Full Supply Women’s Conference; Alpharetta, GA
• Retreat Trainer & Facilitator: Leadership—Character, Competence & Community—Nigerian Women’s Association of Georgia; Savannah, GA
• Trainer/Coach: Nonprofit Strategic Ministry Plan Deelopment—Vision Communications Group (VCG); Atlanta, GA, (2002 – 2012)
• Faculty Instructor: Nonprofit Strategic Plan Development—LEAD Institute; Atlanta, GA (2007 – 2012)
• Workshop Presenter: Nonprofit Strategic Plan Development & Program Development—CFP's Annual Forum, "Boosting Your Revenue In A Declining Economy"; Marietta, GA
• Workshop Presenter: Communicating Your Nonprofit Vision to Potential Funders—CCDA's Annual Conference; Transforming the City Urban Conference; Urban Ministry Alliance Conference; Atlanta, GA
• Workshop Presenter: Identifying & Pursuing Nonprofit Funding Opportunities—Cobb Literacy Council’s Annual Conference; Cobb County’s Empowering Partnership Summit; Marietta, GA

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